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Who is this journal for?
 Quote: Published by Place2Be 7th July 2022 
"50% of mental health problems in adults first develop before the age of 14. We must focus on prevention, early intervention and provide support at primary school age". 

This self help grief guide is aimed at 12-25 year old young people, for anyone suffering a loss of sorts, could be a person, item, place, part of identity or missed opportunity...It's A5 in size, 100 pages of content, lightweight,  portable and interactive guided journal which transpires into a diarised living memoir.  It is the first of its kind, a brand new concept. It offers a blend of visceral imagery, clinical and non-clinical language combined to deliver an interactive grief model.

Grief Episode Guide for Teens 

By K.B Whelan




K.B Whelan is a qualified psychotherapist, graduating previously with a fine arts degree from the University of Bath in 2010 and a MA in Counselling & Psychotherapy in 2022. She lives Durham from where she operates from her private practice. With specialism in bereavement and trauma, combined with a degree in Fine Art from the University of Bath in 2010, created the newly developed 'Grief Episode Guide For Teens' as the first in a series of self help guided interactive grief journals.

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Inukshuk Publishing 

A little about us...

Here at Inukshuk Publishing, we pride ourselves for our independence, our ferocity in our standard and quality and for creating pathways to emotional resilience and recovery. Much like our namesake we see ourselves as way-stones toward goals, achievements and an improved quality of life. On whatever journeys one may face, we offer these pillars to lean on through our products, to offer hope.

This newly acquired interactive journal is an A5 physical interactive resource which is lightweight and portable and offers space reflection and personal responses. The tie is to offer privacy and security for your written, drawn responses.

Facts: The benefits of journaling, relives stress, anxiety and depression, aids clarity of understanding and helps process the rumination of negative thought patterns, it is validation of thoughts and feeling and emotions.

K.B.Whelan taken from IPA research conducted in 2022 during MA in Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

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